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the room he will be pleased to sign them following this program. know this meeting of the commonwealth club of california is adjourned. [applause] [inaudible conversations] >> when i joined the army i assume there would have to prove myself to exceed the standards to be accepted and
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i strove to do that. but what i realized during my a journey is settled leaders served with held themselves to a higher standard and they consistently applied leadership principles to improve common not degrade or debase. in the army recall that leading from the front and in the book spent some time talking about the difference between leaders and soldiers you just met the standard in those who would try to exceed the standard. it is like the difference to be said a student or the c student except in the army it depends on performance and leadership. the leaders just satisfied meeting the standard never to apply to a higher standard will probably never of the the high performing
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organization. when i joined the army 1975 i joined the women's army corps. like a separate branch for women who desired to serve. to be honest and never dreamed about joining the army. from the time i was an elementary school i would be a coach and physical education teacher. as a kid i was a tomboy. i love sports and then went to one of the top physical education colleges in the country in upstate new york. during my junior in college the army offered high potential women $500 a month during they're senior year in return of day two year commitment in the commission of a second the attendant. $500 was a lot of money back in even with four
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generations of west point in my family that thought had never crossed my mind. let was an offer i could not refuse so i joined to begin my to your journey that turned into five, 10, 20 38 years eventually. when people ask me if i always knew i would be a general, i tell them not in my wildest dreams. when it happened there was no one more surprised than i was. except my husband. now you know why they say behind every successful woman is the astonishment and. -- astonished man
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>> i taught economics for the past eight years and went to seminary before that and on the stump speech people thought that was a humorous joke but i take it seriously so hidden in plain sight is the latest account of the cause of the financial crisis if you don't have an account it is hard to solve the issue going forward we don't want it to happen again and some say we're headed in the wrong direction with debt with the gdp are off track again with the federal reserve has some heavy lifting to do. but the rest is the synthesis between the greeks and western judeo christians i talk that the last 18 years i'm also reading one
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of the top philosophers in the country from notre dame than the new testament is considered one of the foremost authorities not on the of religiosity but what is contained within it then the chicago school by nelson i have been dabbling in these books but i want to dig deeper and finally is a fun one is from the author that combines the economics and literature from the chicago school trained economist but validated by
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nobel prize winners a tie-in to read too has six volume set in the work to refer you to the second volume and it takes on the cause of economic growth in most people are not familiar with this but the issues that improved human welfare more than any other issue period and they say that with pretty good confidence. but the income per person is $500 per year per person to all of history 3200 but then you have massive explosive growth in the free market country so there is a lot of speculation what is the true cause? i did my ph.d. on at and she takes on all the noble -- novell papers it is a private property rights for industrial revolution in she debates every variable and
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concludes the ultimate cause the biggest cause the first time in history when the question changed to moral language to call the business person morally good. and we heard neutron on that it is problematic for corrupt and the higher end i am afraid to say yes business is morally bad as history has that believe but if that is your proposition don't expect a lot of gross but as you get back on track to say hardly make business morally good then pay attention with the lower income people their only hope is to enter the free market economy with the well paying job.
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before teaching in the next generation business is morally bad a lot of kids want to sign up for that proposition she will refer you to a thousand other authors and that set but the first book is similar to deal mostly with the history of virtue. that is my reading it is light reading for this summer on the beach and i look forward to the stack.
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you start out in the press is talking about leadership. now, were you thinking about a book on leadership when you started or how did he get to that? >> guest: leadership is one of my big topics and preoccupations and that was what i was going to do but i kept getting struck by this issue of infrastructure literally not only the facts and figures about what is happening in america and the sad state of much of our infrastructure and the need for innovation and


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